I may have missed the opportunity to add this to my list of things for which I am thankful at Thanksgiving, but it is never too late to praise those who make our lives a little simpler and easier...and HelloSign does that for me here at HMV and RCo.

It's just so damn easy. Upload your doc. Drag and drop where you want signatures, dates, etc... Send to your recipient's email address. The party(s) can sign by stored electronic signature, typing their name, drawing with their mouse (computer) or with their finger (tablet or phone). The doc comes back by email or delivery to a synced dropbox or gdrive account.

So nice. And as HelloSign says on the site..."It's Free. That's It."

One of those tools that EVERY small business should check out.

I wish HMV could have been on the ground floor of this one.

J A Ruppert

Authorjeffrey ruppert