I founded High Mountain Ventures, LLC not only because I hope to encourage and profit from the recent explosion of new technology and innovative processes, but also because I am fascinated by the currents of disruption that flow through our economy and society from tech and entrepreneurial ventures.

But I remain a progressive at heart and recognize that what I call THE DISRUPTIVE ECONOMY will not bestow its benefits equally, and will challenge a government and social system that isn't equipped for this transformation in the way we work and live.

In the coming days, you will see linked to my various social sites many articles like this piece from TECHONOMY.com that highlight the challenge posed by our advancing technology against our aging social and economic system and infrastructure -- all tied to a project I am launching soon to advocate and strategize for policies that better harmonize the promise of THE DISRUPTIVE ECONOMY with our cherished values of the American middle class dream.

Jeffrey Ruppert

Source: http://techonomy.com/2013/01/why-robots-mi...
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