I just started to dive into Al Gore's new book, The Future.

I have a natural affinity for VP Gore as I used to work for his campaign.  But regardless of my personal regard for him, his book has reinforced many aspects of my my evolving views and ideas about what I call the "disruptive economy."  

Below is a brief excerpt that I believe encapsulates my views, and also summarizes why I have begun to blog and advocate about such issues here, as well as with LAUNCH^asp (http://launchasp.tumblr.com):

"[N]ational policies, regional strategies, and long accepted economic theories are now irrelevant to the new realities of our new hyper-connected, tightly integrated, highly interactive, and technologically revolutionized economy."

The need to think and act LONG is greater than ever before.  

If we don't, as noted by VP Gore, we will see "much greater inequalities of incomes and net worth...[t]hose who will lose their jobs have less income, while those who benefit from the increasing relative value of technological capital have increased income."

Thinking LONG is necessary - not just to experience the benefits of the disruptive economy, but also to preserve many of the treasured values of the American middle-class dream.

Jeffrey Ruppert

Source: http://atrandom.com/the-future/
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