Now a year old, the Wired article linked here and below is a sobering summary and reminder of how Clean Tech investing requires a focus on a truly LONG horizon, and a look behind the curtain.

2012 / Dan Forbes

2012 / Dan Forbes

I've tried to discipline myself to look over this article every time I feel excited about the possibility and promise of a Clean / Green investment.  It's a dose of reality that brings a fresh perspective to combat the high likelihood that you are confirming your own bias in your initial review of a company's plan, numbers, reviews, etc... and seeing what you wanted to see and hearing what you wanted to hear.  As progressive minded people, we want these businesses to succeed, and often see that path lit too brightly.

Emotion and excitement have their role in investing, no doubt, but in the end you have to follow your metric guideposts and internal rules, rather than your wants and hunches.  

We're clarifying these internal guides at High Mountain Ventures.   We'll share our thoughts and final product.  Because if you are investing your money based upon hopes and wishes, no matter how good intentioned, your just gambling...and ultimately harming the cause of Clean / Green Tech and Sustainable Capitalism. 

Jeffrey Ruppert

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